About Pat

And her Embroidery Art

My first designs were purchased commercial designs which anyone could produce.  It was fascinating to watch the machine stitch out the design....then I wanted designs that no one else had and this lead me to the art of digitizing.  My first custom design was the Grand Canyon BMDC's regional logo in 1997 and my most recent on is Hayden for Mark & Paula.  Along the way I've met a lot of wonderful people, many who have become friends and good customers.  Each year they look for my booth at the BMDCA National Specialty to see what new designs I've brought to tempt them.  Then when I would run out of their size or color they wanted in that certain design; I started taking 'special orders.'  Then many asked "do you have a web page?"  So finally I'm taking the plunge and here we are.

I love the challenge of taking a piece of artwork or  photograph and turning it into an embroidery design.  When I was asked to do a customer's own special dog or logo, what an honor it was and is to this day. 

I specialize in Bernese Mountain Dogs having owned one or more at a time since 1982.  I have done many other breeds and subjects.  I enjoy and take great pride in producing each new embroidery design weather it is for my own use or is for a customer.

What can I create for you?


Designs can be applied to articles supplied by Pat or yourself.

Prices are quoted for the design(s) of your choice,

Shipping charges are extra.

Most credit card accepted.